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Fitzjohn and Noble

Cockney Rhyming Slang Cards- Choose 3 for £5


Have a butcher's hook at our new Cockney cards and choose 3 for £5. It'll put a grin on your boat race and you'll save some sugar and honey! Each card is supplied with a matching gift tag and a high quality envelope.

Choose any 3 from the following:                                                                                   1. Happy Birthday My Lovely Bricks and Mortar (Daughter)
2. Happy Birthday Skin and Blister (Sister)
3. Happy Birthday to the best Manhole Cover (Brother)
4. Happy Birthday me old China Plate (Mate)
5. Congratulations on your new Corn on the Cob (Job)
6. Wishing you lots of Friar Tuck (Luck)
7. Congratulations on your new Basin of Gravy (Baby)
8. Heard you were feeling a bit Spotted Dick (Sick)                                                
9. Congratulations on your new Cat and Mouse (House)                                     10. You Passed! Good Luck with the Jam Jar on the Frog and Toad (car on road) 11. Congratulations on your new Pope in Rome (Home)

Simply state the 3 cards required during checkout. You can have any combination, such as 2 luck and 1 sister card etc.

Size: 14x10cm. Printed on high quality thick white card. Each is supplied with matching tag and envelope.
Free postage to any UK address

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